Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Element 4: Powerpoint

This week Hannah and Madison descended upon Beaver Lake Nature Center to see what we could learn from the locale! 

More than they would have thought! 

Check out the presentation here: 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Element 3: DDT Activity

The result of our classroom activity (which would normally be meant to educate younger children than the EWP 290 class) about the dangers of DDT usage.

DDT Activity

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Element 3: Activity in the classroom

We're doing an activity! 

Today in EWP 290 we're doing an educational activity. Stay tuned on Twitter for more information and teasers as to the content! Video will be up on Wednesday!! 

- Educate Earth

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Element 2: Survey Results!!

We took a poll for element #2 last week, and the results are in! 

Where does most of your information come from?
63.46% said Facebook
59.62% said word of mouth and search engines
40.38% responded with TV
25% said newspapers or magazines
21.15% said Twitter
15.38% said books
13.46% said the radio
50% who said 'other' replied with Tumblr or reddit
Other options were news apps and journal databases

What is the most effective way to spread information?
71.15% said websites
57.69% said TV
30.77% said Posters
25% said Twitter
21.15% said lectrures or presentations
9.62% said Blogs
50% in the 'other' option said Facebook
Other options were email and conversations/groups

Where does most of your environmental information come from?
53.85% said word of mouth
42.31% said magazines
40.38% search engines
36.54% replied with Facebook
32.69% said books and television
19.23% said Twitter
5.77% said the radio
22.22% said Tumblr and classroom education
Other options were news apps and journal databases

What is the most effective way to get environmental information to the public?
73.08% said TV
57.69% websites
46.15% Twitter
57% of the 'other' option said Facebook
34.62% said lectures or presentations
25% said posters
19.23% said Blogs
Other options were school education and conversation

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey and helped us to gain some real insight!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Element 2: Survey

Haven't taken our short survey about information sources yet?? 
Well by all means make it happen for yourself! 

Element 1: Storify Nature Poems

Our Storify of the Creative Activity

Go to that link to see all the compiled pictures/videos, interesting facts, and lines of poetry from our interactive Twitter activity last week!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Element 1: Interdisciplinary Learning

This Wednesday (March 27) 12-6pm EST we will be hosting an interactive activity on Twitter!
We ask that everyone interested get involved!

First, find an object in nature of interest to you. Then, Tweet a line of poetry about your object (using #Nifkin, and #EduEar). When we see your line, we (@MadiCapp, @LowPiano, @Hannah_Gage22) will respond with an interesting or unique fact about your object!

To the students from Georgia and Taiwan, we are very interested in getting your involvement in our project as well, and want to see the differing objects present in the Northern US, the Southern US, and Asia.

After, the poems and their corresponding facts will be compiled on a Storify document and Tweeted under the hashtags on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

Spreading awareness through interaction and a combination of environmental education, science and English through the power of the internet~ !