Saturday, April 6, 2013

Element 2: Survey Results!!

We took a poll for element #2 last week, and the results are in! 

Where does most of your information come from?
63.46% said Facebook
59.62% said word of mouth and search engines
40.38% responded with TV
25% said newspapers or magazines
21.15% said Twitter
15.38% said books
13.46% said the radio
50% who said 'other' replied with Tumblr or reddit
Other options were news apps and journal databases

What is the most effective way to spread information?
71.15% said websites
57.69% said TV
30.77% said Posters
25% said Twitter
21.15% said lectrures or presentations
9.62% said Blogs
50% in the 'other' option said Facebook
Other options were email and conversations/groups

Where does most of your environmental information come from?
53.85% said word of mouth
42.31% said magazines
40.38% search engines
36.54% replied with Facebook
32.69% said books and television
19.23% said Twitter
5.77% said the radio
22.22% said Tumblr and classroom education
Other options were news apps and journal databases

What is the most effective way to get environmental information to the public?
73.08% said TV
57.69% websites
46.15% Twitter
57% of the 'other' option said Facebook
34.62% said lectures or presentations
25% said posters
19.23% said Blogs
Other options were school education and conversation

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey and helped us to gain some real insight!

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